ENER-G wins UK Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Industry Award

AD & Biogas Award Winner

ENER-G has won a top renewable energy industry award for innovation in anaerobic digestion and biogas CHP generation.

The UK-based renewable energy specialist won the UK AD & Biogas Industry Award for Innovation in process efficiency/optimisation.

Judges recognised ENER-G's design and technical achievements in creating a new biogas CHP system that opens up the possibilities of anaerobic digestion for smaller organisations.

ENER-G's new E200 biogas CHP unit  maximises financial returns on both the highest rate Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Feed in Tariffs (FIT). This is helping to stem the shortfall from FIT degression and is increasing viability of anaerobic digestion for a wider customer base, particularly smaller farms and dairies, as well as industrial processors.

ENER-G has cracked the complex challenge of maximising heat efficiency (at an unmatched output of 40.7%) without compromising on electrical efficiency (37.6%).  The new technology  provides a thermal output of 195kWth (qualifying for the highest rate RHI  of 7.5p per kWth), together with an electrical output of 205kWe - at a total efficiency rating of 77.1%.

At current RHI and FIT rates, a typical dairy operating the E200 on a 24-hour cycle at 92% availability could receive a total guaranteed 20-year income of up to  £5.7 million.

Martin Wager, Business Development Manager for  ENER-G Combined Power Ltd, said: "We're honoured to win this prestigious award from the UK AD & Biogas  Association. It's  a tribute to the talents of our UK design, engineering and manufacturing teams. The E-200 is the most efficient sub 200kwth on the market and by qualifying for maximum financial incentives it offers a more attractive commercial proposition to the traditional, industry standard 190kwth systems." 

ENER-G has manufactured, installed and operates in excess of 170 MW of biogas power generation from anaerobic digestion, wastewater, landfill and associated gases. The company is a leading specialist in biogas utilisation, with a number of AD projects in operation within farming, food and drink, dairy and municipal waste sectors.  Its award winning technologies are powering renewable energy AD projects at North British Distillery, Nestle and BV Dairy, as well as many water treatment facilities.