'WTH IS CHP'? ENER-G publishes guide to energy industry acronyms

ENER-G 230kWe CHP Unit

A guide to the energy industry's most baffling acronyms has been published by cogeneration specialist ENER-G to improve customers' understanding of combined heat and power

" CHP is a complex technology and there's a long list of other associated industry abbreviations that can make it more difficult to understand", says Clare Burns, Marketing Manager for ENER-G Combined Power.  "If you've ever wondered WTH is COP (coefficient of performance)? or exclaimed OMG what's an MPa (Megapascal),  this guide will give you interpretations and a short explanation." 

Some of the most popular acronyms associated with CHP, featured and defined in the guide, include:

  • CCHP - Combined Cooling, Heat and Power
  • DSR - Demand Side Response
  • DSM - Demand side measures
  • STOR - Short Term Operating Reserve
  • GCV - Gross Calorific Value
  • WHRB - Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
  • ORC - Organic Rankine Cycle
  • ESCO - Energy Services Company

Download the report 'WTH is CHP?  - a guide to the energy industry's acronyms'