Green energy investment at University Hospital North Staffordshire

North Staffordshire Hospital

University Hospital of North Staffordshire is underlining its green credentials by reducing carbon emissions after being given the go-ahead to install a green energy system.

University Hospital, along with almost 70 hospitals nationwide, will receive a slice of a 50 million pound fund to cut the NHS energy bill. Almost 1.5 million pounds of funding has been secured from the NHS Energy Efficiency Capital Funding Initiative for a new Combined Heat and Power Engine (CHP) to be installed on the hospital's City General site.

Once the engine is fully operational, carbon emissions will reduce by 2,792 tonnes per year - almost 8% of the Trust's current carbon output and equivalent to the environmental benefit of removing 991 cars from the road.

The Trust has identified this as an important project to meet the NHS ambition of a 10% reduction in carbon emissions by 2015. As well as the environment benefits, annual energy costs at the Trust are also expected to be reduced by more than 400,000 pounds within five years.

Elaine Andrews, Head of Environmental Sustainability at UHNS, said: "Installing a Combined Heat and Power Engine will further reduce our impact on the environment and significantly reduce carbon emissions. There is also a cost implication - in recent years, the cost of energy has been rising between 10 and 20% each year and this trend is likely to continue.

"This project will deliver recurring revenue savings in energy costs. As well as helping to cut carbon emissions and save the environment, all the money saved in energy bills will be redirected to front line patient care."

Charlie Cox, energy manager at University Hospital, added: "Being able to generate our own power locally on site means that there will be a lot less energy wasted through transmission and distribution."

The contract to install and maintain the engine has been awarded to ENER-G Combined Power Limited.

Alan Barlow, Managing Director of ENER-G Combined Power Ltd, said: "The Trust is demonstrating environmental leadership in switching to low carbon CHP technology, which will make a dramatic impact on the hospital's carbon footprint and release vital cash savings.

"We have completed more than 50 integrated healthcare projects across the NHS estate and look forward to helping UHNS to deliver on its green ambitions."