The Imperial London Hotels

Imperial London Hotel

ENER-G’s CHP is helping the Hotel sector reduce energy costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

At the Group's Royal National, Tavistock, Imperial and President Hotels they provide nearly 3,000 guest rooms for visitors to the Capital.

The company already had a fleet of five 110kWe systems, and at the end of their original 10 year contract decided to upgrade them to larger units from ENER-G Combined Power.

Being in close proximity to one another, the four hotels are served by two plant rooms, with two plant rooms on standby to act as backup during scheduled maintenance periods.

The Royal National and Tavistock hotels share one 122kWe and one 225kWe unit. The Imperial and President Hotels share two 122kWe units.

Dave Bridges, Chief Engineer at The Imperial London Hotels, explained: "One factor that led to us choosing ENER-G for the replacement was that part of our heating system operated at high temperatures - up to 100°C." Dave continued, "This was well within the capability of the Mercedes powered unit they offered us."

Rather than purchase the systems outright, they chose to use ENER-G's Discount Energy Purchase agreement. Under this arrangement, they agreed to buy energy at discounted rates, thereby making immediate savings. It is estimated that the systems will save the group over £40,000 per annum. The average carbon savings are approximately 800 tonnes of CO2 per annum, the equivalent of planting 80,000 trees.


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