Sheraton Grand Hotel

The Sheraton Grand Hotel 130x130

ENER-G’s CHP is helping the Hotel sector reduce energy costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions

ENER-G has helped the Sheraton Grand Hotel significantly reduce its carbon footprint and capital expenditure on energy through the installation of two CHP units.

The newly refurbished Sheraton Grand Hotel is located in the heart of Edinburgh just a short walk from Edinburgh Castle. The hotel is home to the award winning One Spa which is described as a “natural balance of energy, water and heat in a beautiful, light-filled space.“

In continuation of this ethos, the hotel management team were investigating the feasibility of a CHP to serve the onsite health spa where guests can enjoy the use of a rooftop hydro-pool, a 19 metre infinity edge swimming pool and a fitness centre.

They were also looking to replace an existing ABB CHP unit previously supplied by ENER-G. This existing system had been supplying the hotel with heat and power for many years but was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain due to its age and the lack of available replacement parts in the market.

ENER-G successfully tendered for the contract, which included the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a replacement 210kWe CHP unit for the hotel and one new 230 kWe unit for the One Spa. This contract was a capital purchase.

Replacing the hotel’s old unit and installing a new unit for the OneSpa has resulted in a huge saving of £155,000 per year on the hotel’s heating and electricity bills. This means they will achieve payback in approximately three years.

The Sheraton Grand Hotel will reduce its carbon output by more than 800 tonnes per year and therefore dramatically reduce it’s carbon footprint thanks to ENER-G’s sustainable energy solution.

The CHP systems generate electricity and recover the majority of the heat created in the process. In conventional power stations this heat is simply wasted into the atmosphere through power station cooling towers, energy is also lost along the electrical distribution cables needed to bring the power to site. By using CHP to generate electricity onsite, the heat is used to provide heating and hot water to the hotel.

The Sheraton Grand recognises the need for regular maintenence of their CHP units and have taken out a fully comprehensive operation and maintenence package with ENER-G.
With ENER-G’s Premier Plus service contract, the Sheraton Grand benefits from a range of services including 24 hour remote monitoring, a dedicated site engineer and all inclusive parts and labour required to rectify faults or repairs for the contract term.

An integral part of ENER-G’s CHP units is the on-board computer. The computer’s function is to provide optimised safe and efficient operation of the CHP unit. The computer also provides a two-way communication channel between your CHP unit and the ENER-G service centre, allowing live system operational monitoring and full historic data retrieval.


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