Penarth Leisure Centre makes healthy savings with ENER-G CHP

Penarth Leisure Centre 130X130

Penarth Leisure Centre, owned by the Vale of Glamorgan Council, is making healthy cost and carbon savings from its ENER-G Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system.

The 70kWe gas fuelled ENER-G CHP system is supplying high efficiency power and heat to the leisure centre, achieving annual net cost savings of £18,610. The CHP is also helping the leisure centre to reduce its carbon footprint by 121 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to the CO2 that would be offset by a 115 acre forest.

The ENER-G CHP system provides around the 30% of the Penarth Leisure Centre’s heat energy requirements - operating for 17 hours per day. It is serviced and maintained by ENER-G as part of an eight-year contract that ensures the engine operates at peak

ENER-G’s 24/7 remote monitoring and control technology is built into the unit. This alerts ENER-G’s national service centre to any anomalies or operational issues, enabling them to run diagnostics, rectify problems remotely, or schedule an engineer visit, if necessary.

The system was installed in 2013 and replaced a previous ENER-G CHP unit. Combined Heat and Power – the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat - is almost twice as efficient as conventional power generation as the majority of heat is recovered and used on site, rather than wasted into the atmosphere. In addition, transmission losses are avoided. CHP achieves cost savings of up to 40% over electricity sourced from the grid and heat generated by onsite boilers.

At a time when Local Authority budgets are being squeezed and energy prices are extremely volatile, energy cost savings and low price stability are warmly welcomed by councils. The carbon reduction benefits of CHP also help councils to improve their environmental performance - ensuring that they comply with green energy legislation and reduce carbon
taxes, including exemption from the Climate Change Levy.

CHP is the perfect fit for leisure centres, where there is a high heat demand over a long period of each day. The technology can often provide a return on investment within three to five years, providing long term cost savings thereafter.