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Major UK manufacturer picks ENER-G’s CHP to help with their sustainability strategy

ENER-G Combined Power Ltd have rolled out a CHP system to LifeScan Scotland, (a Johnson & Johnson owned company). LifeScan Scotland was founded to help address the balance of healthcare needs in the UK. Their aim is to ensure that anyone who wishes to reduce the impact of undetected illnesses can do so through a range of specially designed health checks.

In a bid to boost its sustainability rating and meet key green objectives, LifeScan considered several options to reduce carbon emissions and cut energy bills.

Hulley & Kirkwood were commissioned by LifeScan to carry out the initial feasibility study to reduce overall carbon emissions and to cut energy related costs. Following their report, CHP was considered to be the most viable and efficient solution with the greatest carbon saving.

ENER-G submitted a formal offer based on the specification and carried out calculations to confirm the most suitable CHP unit for the project and maximise the environmental and financial savings for the site.

ENER-G designed, manufactured and installed a state-of-the-art, gas fired, 230 kWe CHP system, which has been integrated with the site’s boiler network system to supply low temp hot water, as well as power. The system is fully containerised and includes roof-mounted dry air coolers. The CHP was part of a companywide energy efficiency drive to reduce carbon footprint of the facility and to reduce the capital expenditure on energy.

Carbon emissions at the site have reduced by 21%, and electricity consumption is down by more than half (53%), lowering the site’s energy bill by 27%. The CHP system will provide cost savings of approximately £99,000 per annum whilst reducing their carbon footprint by 625 tonnes each year.

“We are continually seeking ways to raise our environmental performance and this move to on-site generation of power is a key element of our carbon cutting strategy. We are very pleased to be partnering with ENER-G which is able to provide us with a total service, from initial design to long term care of the systems ensuring our commitment to a sustainable future.”  said Jason Whitley, Facilities Senior Engineer

Installation of this CHP has helped LifeScan to become more environmentally aware of the impact their facilities has on the local and wider environment. The installation of this clean technology helps to support their drive to operate in a sustainable manner.

Following the success of the installation of this unit and the high performance and savings achieved, LifeScan have taken the decision to purchase another CHP unit from ENER-G, so that they can further reduce their carbon footprint. This second unit has been installed at the same site in the phase 3 building.

Operation and Maintenance

LifeScan recognise the need for regular maintenance of their CHP units and have taken out a fully comprehensive operation and maintenance package with ENER-G. With ENER-G’s Premier Plus service contract, LifeScan benefit from a range of services including 24 hour remote monitoring, a dedicated site engineer and all inclusive parts and labour required to rectify faults or repairs for the contract term. Premier Plus is the number one CHP maintenance package in the industry.

As a result of the successful partnership, ENER-G and LifeScan beat off strong competition to win the industrial and commercial category at the Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA) annual awards. An independent panel of judges applied rigorous criteria, such as carbon reduction, enhanced security of energy supply and lower energy costs, with the ENER-G CHP system at LifeScan delivering on all counts to win the prestigious accolade.


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