Evesham Leisure Centre

Evesham Leisure Centre

Leisure Centre requires specialist skills from ENER-G to save carbon and costs

Evesham Leisure Centre has partnered with ENER-G Combined Power to install a combined heat and power unit. With ENER-G’s experience and expertise, Evesham Leisure has reduced its carbon emissions and reduced costs associated with energy generation.

Evesham Leisure Centre opened in 2009 and is one of nine leisure facilities operated by Wychavon Leisure in the county of Worcestershire. Evesham provides the ideal environment for fitness and fun with their health and beauty spa including a steam room and sauna, a gym, 25 metre swimming pool and 12 metre studio pool for fitness classes. Evesham Leisure Centre joined forces with ENER-G with the aim to continue the environmental and sustainable ethos of their new building and to reduce their carbon footprint.

As well as promoting the principle of staying fit and healthy to their customers they are also promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly energy generation through the installation of a new and efficient low carbon emission ENER-G CHP unit.

Evesham Leisure had considerable demand for heat and for this reason a CHP unit was the perfect fit for their requirements. ENER-G submitted a formal offer based on the specification and carried out calculations to confirm the most suitable CHP unit for the project and maximise the environmental and financial savings for the site.
ENER-G designed, manufactured and installed an ENER-G 110 containerised unit. The CHP technology is the primary source of energy for the leisure centre and enables generation of its own electricity onsite whilst capturing the heat produced from the engine to warm the pools and spa facilities.

Onsite energy generation with the installation of a CHP is extremely efficient as it avoids energy loss through transmission. Not only has the CHP been a cost effective tool for improving the centre’s environmental performance, it has resulted in over 424805kg carbon savings reducing their carbon footprint by 159 tonnes each year.
A special feature of this project was the construction of a bat shelter to accommodate the horse shoe bats which live is close situ to the CHP install.

Known for their broad wingspan, agility and unusual shaped nostrils (hence their name) it was important to consider them in the planning stages and ensure they were well accommodated for. 

ENER-G have previously worked with Bomsgrove Leisure Centre which is also part of the Wychavon Leisure group. An ENER-G 6MRG Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit was installed at Bromsgrove with a Premier Plus maintenance service contract.

Evesham Leisure has also opted for a Premier Plus service and maintenance contract which means they will benefit from range of services including 24 hour remote monitoring, a dedicated site engineer and all inclusive parts and labour required to rectify faults or repairs for the contract term.

CHP systems require regular, periodic maintenance and inspection. Every unit requires a service after a predetermined amount of running hours. Units typically require between 6 to 10 services a year dependent upon operation.

The service procedures vary throughout the year from replacing and recalibrating components to oil and filter changes. CHP units use gas as a fuel and are therefore subject to the Gas Safe Regulations.

An integral part of our CHP units is the on-board computer. The computer’s function is to provide optimised, safe and efficient operation of the CHP unit. The computer also provides a two-way communication channel between your CHP unit and the ENER-G service centre, allowing live system operational monitoring and full historic data retrieval.

Remote monitoring reduces operational downtime and maintains client savings whilst generating monthly performance reports and offering customers the opportunity to log on and monitor operation and savings.


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