David Lloyd

David Lloyd 130 x 130

CHP from ENER-G Combined Power and AC Automation is helping the Leisure Industry reduce energy costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

David Lloyd Leisure is a privately owned group of membership-only leisure clubs located throughout the UK and Ireland.
Since installing their first CHP system in 2001, the company has amassed a fleet of 38 ENER-G units at their various sites ranging in size from 110kWe to225kWe.

The Belfast Club in Dundonald had an ENER-G 206 unit installed in March 2001, which has been operated and maintained by AC Automation, and has produced over 5,888,000kWh of cheap electricity and 1,948,000kWh of free heat.

At the time of writing the Belfast club was saving over £10,000 per annum and had accumulated carbon dioxide savings in excess of 2,900 tonnes.

The CHP has provided an instant pay-back for David Lloyd Leisure, as they opted for a Discount Energy Purchase (DEP) contract. Under this agreement, ENER-G finance and install the CHP system at no capital cost to the client and AC Automation operate and maintain the CHP throughout its life. Energy generated by the unit is then sold to the client at a discount, offering immediate savings.

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