Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace 130x130

Buckingham Palace is reaping the benefits from an ENER-G CHP system

Buckingham Palace is the Queens official London residence and as a working palace it houses the busy administration headquarters of those who support the royal family on a day to day basis. The vast scale of the palace, with its many banquet halls and entertainment rooms meant Buckingham Palace was a prime site to receive the benefits CHP systems provide.

In 1994 Buckingham Palace commisioned British Gas to install two 99kW CHP systems. Under a Discount Energy Scheme, the Palace simply purchased the electricity generated by the unit at a discounted rate whilst incurring no capital costs for the project and with no initial payback period the financial savings were immediate.

In 2001, Manchester based ENER-G Combined Power Ltd took responsibility for operation and maintenance of the CHP units at Buckingham Palace. With over 700 installations throughout the UK, ENER-G Combined Power are the largest manufacturer and operator of CHP schemes in the range of 30kW - multiple 1MW. ENER-G Combined Power’s experience within the CHP market at this range meant that they were well suited to undertake the high profile maintenance contract.

The installation of CHP at this Royal Residence will reduce Buckingham Palace’s CO2 emissions by over 19,000 tonnes during it’s operational life, contributing to both the global and local environment.

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