Building energy management systems (BEMS)

Our building energy management systems offer optimum building efficiency and sustained cost reductions across a range of sectors.

Improving efficiency whatever your sector

Every business has different needs and challenges when it comes to energy management and building efficiency.  We understand that to improve the energy efficiency of a factory floor will require a different solution to that of an office environment.

We work with specifiers, M&E contractors and building managers to design and install BEMS that improve building efficiency and offer good return on investment.

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Maximum efficiency, maximum comfort

Our latest building energy management system - E-MAGINE - allows you to intelligently control your HVAC equipment. This ensures energy usage is constantly kept to a minimum, while still maintaining optimum comfort for occupants.

Simple features and benefits of E-MAGINE


Guaranteed savings

On average, our building energy management systems save 25% of CO2 emissions and costs.  We can offer energy performance contracts or guaranteed savings schemes where we install our BEMS to reduce your energy costs and you use some of these savings to pay for the system.

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