Save Energy, Save Money (Up to 50%)

ENER-G Controls specialise in high quality energy management systems that guarantee to reduce your energy consumption – and your bills – by up to 50%. Your cost savings start accruing immediately, meaning you can enjoy a quick return on investment that begins as soon as the system is installed. And our savings are guaranteed. So once one of our energy engineers has surveyed the building (free of charge) and we send you a savings proposal – it's guaranteed by us; and in most cases that guaranteed saving is actually exceeded.

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Reduce Energy Waste from your business

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You can’t create or destroy energy – that’s a fact. But you can waste it. And on average many businesses are wasting 35% of their energy per annum – energy wastage that you are paying for. That’s where we come in. We have strategies and techniques, products and services, all designed to reduce your energy wastage, reduce your CO2 emissions and consequently reduce your energy costs.

Our energy management system pays for itself

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With our simple Guaranteed Savings Agreement, you don’t need to find a budget to get started. There are no upfront investment costs and the system rental payments are funded from the energy savings we deliver to you. Any extra savings over and above that are a profit direct to your bottom line.

We help you meet your environmental targets

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For the last 25 years, we’ve saved thousands of UK businesses hundreds of thousands of pounds, whilst also assisting them in reducing their CO2 emissions. By installing a BEMS (building energy management system), you can optimise the energy consumption of your buildings lighting, heating, cooling and air conditioning (HVAC), helping you with Co2 compliance whilst also reducing your energy costs.

24/7 support provided by our Energy Team

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Our account managers are technically trained energy experts so that your questions and concerns can be answered immediately. Our energy management support service also offers continuous online monitoring and frequent analysis of your energy usage, as well as a monthly savings data report for internal use and for your ESOS audit, too.