E-POWER and ENER-G Operation and Maintenance Plans

ENER-G has a variety of operation and maintenance plans. Our most popular plans are detailed below:


  • 24 hour remote monitoring
  • Automated SOS alerts
  • Communication vis the Cloud
  • Remote SOS alerts via SMS
  • Part identification
  • Remote fault diagnosis and rectification
  • Safe oil disposal
  • Oil analysis program
  • Dedicated site engineer
  • Routing scheduled servicing.


Premier Plus

All of the Premier maintenance plan plus:

  • All parts and labour to rectify faults or repairs for the contract term within the acoustic enclosure.

Payment options:

  • Fixed price paid annually for the contract term or £ per KWh generated
  • Price can be equalized over the years of the contract to achieve greatest savings.


With E-POWER as part of your Premier Plus maintenance plan you will benefit from the following features:

A) E-POWER with your Maintenance Plan

Live view access enables you to:

  • View the operation of the unit in real time
  • View historic operation by navigating through a date and time counter
  • Start and stop the unit.

For Premier customers these features are available at an extra cost.

B) Additional E-POWER Options (chargeable based on the standard template)

  • Automatic email reports: daily, weekly, monthly
  • Report viewer on E-VISION: daily, weekly, monthly – this will provide access to historic reports as well as your current report
  • Smart screen: displaying saving and performance information.


E-POWER Integration Requirements

Speeds required:

Upload: 270 k bits ps (Approx 27 KBytes per sec)
Download: 1054 k bits ps (Approx 105 Kbytes per sec)

In a typical month we would expect the CHP unit on site to use the following:
Download: 0.5 GBytes
Upload: 2.5 GBytes

The ADSL Provider is expected to install the phone line/ADSL router or a TCP/IP route for the engine to talk to the internet.

1. Use of proxy servers can cause unpredictable results. Always allow the CHP unit a direct outgoing connection to the internet.
2. No special firewall rules are required for incoming traffic. The CHP unit will always initiate the connection to the outside world, and will therefore never need an incoming connection and can remain safely hidden behind any firewall.
3. No fixed IP is necessary. Unit will use IP details obtained via DHCP.


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