How Micro CHP works

Learn about the inner workings of a Micro Combined Heat and Power system.

Micro CHP gas engine

The heart of the unit is a Miller cycle, four stroke internal combustion engine. Engine features include lean burn combustion and power performance, generated by a special piston. The system optimises ignition timing and matches the excess intake air. This increases the overall efficiency and reduces fuel consumption and NOx emissions. In addition, the engine maintenance interval is the longest for a cogeneration gas engine: 10,000 hours.

Micro CHP generator

The ENER-G micro series have the lightest and most compact generators available built in. Compared to other generators these give a higher performance and realised a generating efficiency of 90%. The micro CHP systems can be easily connected to the national grid by the application of the inverter. As an integral part of the system it coverts direct current to alternating current to allow the electricity generated to be fed back into the grid. The application of the inverter reduces initial unit cost and makes it possible to achieve 100% utilisation of the units.

Micro CHP monitoring

System controller

The system controller with constant monitoring of the unit operation achieves optimal balance between power demand and power output. The touch screen controller allows scheduled or manual operation and for the user to set up alarms.

Remote monitoring

ENER-G also offers remote monitoring for the micro CHP units. The system monitors and manages the unit and can be programmed to optimise its operation to suit the demand of the site. Linked to the ENER-G Head Office, the system daily uploads recorded operating data and in the event of a problem automatically takes corrective actions.