Panoramic Power's Wireless Sensor Family

The Panoramic Power sensor series is made up of non-invasive, self-powered, wireless current sensors. The sensors clamp on the electrical outgoing wire from the circuit breaker and are self powered by the circuit’s magnetic fi eld. Hundreds of sensors can be installed in a few hours with no disturbance to daily operations. Once installed, the sensors become part of the building infrastructure and need no maintenance or servicing.

Panoramic’s Award-Winning Technology

The Sensors

Panoramic ’s Award -Winning Technology Sensors

Key Features
• Non-invasive, snap and fi ts without disconnection
• No maintenance; self-powered
• High accuracy
• Wireless – no wiring, unlike standard current transformer-based monitoring systems

The Bridge

     Panoramic ’s Award -Winning Technology The Bridge

Key Features

• Plug and play
• Cellular or wifi
• Receives sensor data every 10 seconds.

The Software

PowerRadar® monitors electrical energy consumption at individual circuit levels across multiple sites. Real-time energy data provides users with actionable insights to identify and improve operations and reduce energy spend.

Key Features
• Manage and monitor critical assets
• Real-time energy and operational alerts
• Scheduled automated reporting on energy consumption and system performance
• View daily, weekly and monthly energy spend to target inefficiencies
• Off hour energy consumption
• View historical analysis and benchmark data


           Power Radar®



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