Business electricity and gas prices

ENER-G manages the energy purchasing process on your behalf, giving you the expertise and guidance to secure the best business gas and electricity prices.

Your energy purchasing experts

Using our market knowledge and energy purchasing experience we will save you time, money and resources by:

  • compiling the necessary data to approach the supply market
  • searching the market for the most suitable gas and electricity contracts for your business
  • giving recommendations to guide your choice of new contract term, supplier, rate structure, etc
  • negotiating prices and contractual terms on your behalf, clarifying terms and conditions
  • obtaining credit clearance.

We work closely with you to understand your procurement needs and provide solutions that meet your business' objectives - whether it's finding the best gas and electricity prices for businesses or helping procure for a multi-site portfolio.


Innovative products and services

We work with all reputable commercial energy suppliers, to find you the most competitive commercial gas and electric price and contractual terms to suit your organisation.  Working with us, you have access to a wide range of fixed, flexible and collective energy procurement products.


Optimum procurement strategies

Some clients require complex procurement strategies.  Our approach to energy risk management is strategic and totally bespoke to you, providing a personal service from planning through to execution.


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    Our free energy market reports help you understand the wholesale market and make confident procurement decisions.

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    We are experts at monitoring, measuring and reporting on your consumption.

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