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Leading business energy brokers, ENER-G Procurement, offer an extensive range of energy services to help you buy and manage your energy as cost-effectively as possible.

Our experienced utility consultants work closely with you to fully understand your business needs.  We are different to other energy brokers, providing complete, integrated solutions to help with every aspect of energy management - from buying gas and electricity wisely, to improving efficiency and reducing consumption within your organisation.

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Energy brokers

Save time, money and resource

We have energy procurement solutions for businesses of all sizes and all sectors. Our energy services range from simple utility contract comparison, to intricate risk management strategies.

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MyFlex energy purchasing

MyFlex energy

Flexible contracts to suit your business

Your gas and electricity can now be bought in multiple transactions as and when the price is right - resulting in lower average energy purchase prices, and at significantly reduced supplier margins.

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  • 50% increase in electricity costs by 2020

    electricity pylon blue and purple sky

    Over three quarters of manufacturers were concerned that an electricity hike like this would have a noticeable impact on profit margins

    A report from the EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, projects a 50% increase in electricity costs by 2020 which could drive investment overseas.

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  • What are Triads and how could they affect your business?

    Triad news

    Minimising demand at expected Triad periods will be financially beneficial for your business

    Triads are the three highest half-hour demand periods on the electricity system per annum. They occur when demand picks up due to earlier sunset times while industrial/commercial usage is still high.

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  • FSB calls for support on smart meters

    Coins and notes

    FSB calls for more support from the government when rolling out smart meters next year.

    The Government’s multi-billion pound programme to install smart meters in every home by 2020 is due to commence next year. The FSB notes this programme has too much emphasis on domestic consumers and not enough on small businesses.

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  • Join our partner network

    Partners talking in office

    Access a suite of professional energy procurement services and a range of energy management solutions to benefit you and your customers.

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  • Manage your consumption

    Consumption graph 300x90

    We are experts at monitoring, measuring and reporting on your consumption. We produce a wide range of energy services including bespoke reports showing your energy usage and forecasts.

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  • Are your invoices accurate?

    Invoice validation 300x90

    Our invoice validation energy service will save you time and resource, safeguarding against potential overcharges and quickly resolving billing queries.

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  • Are you an EEF member?

    EEF Advantages logo 300x120

    We are the trusted energy procurement consultancy for the EEF. We work with EEF members to help ensure they get the best procurement deals.

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  • Current UK energy market

    Updated: 18/11/2014 (10.00am)

    GAS: UK energy prices have opened flat this morning despite the gas system is 20 mcm long, on the back of strong supply from both Norway and the North sea. POWER: Electricity contracts follow their gas equivalents on the NBP market.

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