Energy Insight

Have you been tasked with bringing your energy costs down? Do you want to maximise operational efficiency and understand how the critical assets running your business are performing compared to similar organisations?

Panoramic Power® is the leading provider of device level energy management solutions.

Using wireless, self-powered sensors combined with cloudbased analytics, Panoramic Power offers an affordable, flexible and scalable solution to enhance facility operations, improve production performance and reduce energy waste.

The Panoramic Power Energy Performance Platform


The Panoramic Power Energy Performance Platform




Save Money on Energy, Maintenance and Operations.

Panoramic Power’s Energy Management Platform brings transparency and visibility to your energy usage with real-time measurement of individual electrical devices and machinery. Together with our analytical software and support services, we will help you to understand and take control of your energy, save money, and take energy management to the next level. 

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Energy Savings:
Reduce energy spend and your carbon footprint with real-time insights at a fraction of the cost of a traditional energy management system.

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Operational Performance:
Improve production effi ciency and visibility with device level energy data and robust benchmarking capabilities.

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Predictive Maintenance:
Identify unseen problems and predict failures with real-time alerts that let you know when abnormalities are detected.

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Optimised Peak Demand:
Understand your consumption patterns and reduce loads to bring down spend at peak times.

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Improved Sustainability:
Boost the sustainability of your operations through reduced energy spend and carbon emissions.

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Ensure your business hits its targets for energy efficiency regulation, green building initiatives and other industry standards.



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