Water treatment

A Combined Heat and Power system from ENER-G, is well suited to waste water treatment sites and can provide reliable and assured power, whilst cutting carbon, reducing energy usage and saving money.

ENER-G has manufactured, installed and operates in excess of 120MW of biogas power generation, including wastewater CHP projects for South West Water, Severn Trent Water, Welsh Water, Wessex Water and United Utilities.

The company also designed and built a €2.6 million renewable energy centre at the Budapest wastewater treatment plant in Csepel - part of the Living Danube programme, which is one of Europe's largest environmental investments.

Installing a CHP at a waste water treatment site can provide cost saving benefits with a typical payback of 12-18 months whist being environmentally friendly.

An ENER-G CHP offers an efficient and clean approach to energy generation. Using a single fuel source, CHP technology not only generates your electricity but also captures any waste energy and uses it to provide heating and cooling for your site. The provision of both energy services in one energy efficient process is ideal for waste water sites attempting to increase their energy efficiency and help protect the environment.  Instead of the excess energy being flared into the atmosphere, a CHP can efficiently harness the energy to benefit your company and the environment by acting in a 'green' way.

Water companies are eligible for feed in tariffs (FiTs) on electricity generated from CHP engines and exported to the grid, while the heat can be used as part of the sewage digestion process. There is also potential for additional income via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Not only do we offer the security of heat and electricity supply with the installation of ENER-G CHP systems but we also offer the number one CHP maintenance package in the industry, covering both service and repairs.

With over 40 qualified and experienced engineers across the country, ENER-G offers 24 hour maintenance and service calls to all customers and can ensure the best standards of service. Fully security checked and Gas Safe trained, the team of engineers have vast experience spanning blue-chip pharmaceuticals, defence and high security sectors such as royal households, prisons (England and Scotland), and aerospace defence. With ENER-G you can be safe in the knowledge that there is always professional help at hand.

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