"Trigeneration" takes Cogeneration one-step further. Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of electricity and useful heat, usually in the form of either hot water or steam, from one primary fuel, such as natural gas.

Trigeneration, as the name implies, refers to the production of three energies: electricity, heat and chilled water. Chilled water is achieved by incorporating an absorption chiller into a Cogeneration system. Absorption chillers take the waste heat from a Cogeneration plant to create chilled water for cooling a building.

Introducing an absorption chiller into a Cogeneration system means that the site is able to increase the operational hours of the plant with an increased utilisation of heat, particularly in summer periods.

Typical CCHP Or Trigeneration Layout

ENER-G are able to offer CPD training courses on the use of Cogeneration systems and absorption chillers. For more information or to arrange a course please email


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