Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

PPP schemes allow properly authorised Public Sector bodies to out source the provision of plant, infrastructure, and services associated with schemes specifically structured to improve the long term energy utilisation associated with the core, Public Sector services they provide.

This is made possible through the governments Public/Private Partnerships initiative and the broader auspices of PFI.

Projects are effectively self funding/cash releasing, from savings produced by the various energy efficient technologies provided through the contract.

A proportion of the Utility spend avoided is paid as an annual (advance) single unitary payment to the PPP provider.

Part of this payment may then (by prior agreement) be assigned to an external 3rd party funder on a discounted receivable basis.

The remainder of the unitary payment is retained by the PPP provider as payment for operation and maintenance services.

If you think a PPP may be suitable for you or would like further advice, then contact us on: 0161 745 7450 or email us.


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