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The ENER-G Group comprises a worldwide network of operating companies providing you with a variety of technologies, ranging from the generation of energy to the management of energy use.

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ENER-G Combined Power Limited

ENER-G Combined Power specialises in the provision of cogeneration / combined heat and power (CHP) systems from 10kW to 10MW range. Operating worldwide from its UK based production facility, the company also has agents around the world.

ENER-G Combined Power Limited has been manufacturing cogeneration systems since 1980 and was instrumental in the development of small-scale remotely managed cogeneration systems.

ENER-G Combined Power Limited is today established as one of Europe's leading suppliers. We are able to supply cogeneration services ranging from simple packaged generator supply to complex boiler house / energy centre solutions. As with all ENER-G projects, we can provide, if required, a comprehensive turnkey service, including funded options, from initial feasibility study, through to installation and commissioning, followed by ongoing operation and maintenance for the lifetime of the system.

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ENER-G Combined Power.

ENER-G Energia Technologia zrt

ENER-G's Hungarian business offers a range of efficient energy products and services. We provide solutions fitted to the unique needs of our clients, applying the best available technologies. With over 40 years’ experience we are well versed in the energy market.

ENER-G develops, finances and delivers renewable and energy efficient power generation and energy management schemes - applying advanced technology to assist in cost and emission reduction.

Our highly trained professionals have vast experience in both the public and private sectors, including small to large businesses, health, leisure and financial institutions, along with factories and production plants.

High quality standards are guaranteed for all our projects through our ISO 9001, 14001 and OSHAS 180001 certifications. With the combination of our products and services a significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions can be achieved. 

Products and services

  • Combined heat and power 
  • Energy refurbishment projects 
  • Building engineering 
  • Renewable energy 
  • Energy management

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ENER-G Nedalo BV

ENER-G Nedalo provides and manufactures cogeneration technology across Europe as part of ENER-G Cogen International. Our experience alongside that of our sister company ENER-G Combined Power, a cogeneration manufacturer since the early 1980s, has allowed ENER-G Cogen International to take the best of both companies to form a 'best of breed' cogeneration system.

At ENER-G Nedalo, we supply diesel generating sets as well as full turnkey cogeneration solutions including funded options from initial feasibility study, through to installation and commissioning, followed by ongoing operation and maintenance for the lifetime of the system.

Operation and maintenance is managed from our offices based in Uithoorn, Netherlands, where we have a full service department and engineering team.

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ENER-G Italia

ENER-G Italia operates in the field of cogeneration with over 25 MW of installed CHP Systems in Italy. As part of ENER-G Cogen International, ENER-G Italia draws on over 30 years of experience of cogeneration systems installed across Europe.

ENER-G Italia develops, finances and delivers a variety of sustainable energy technologies ranging from energy generation to the management of energy use.  We also provide advanced technologies to assist the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs on a business to business basis.

ENER-G Italia’s systems are manufactured in Manchester (UK) and have helped organisations worldwide to cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions by a collective 2 million tonnes.

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ENER-G Rudox Inc.

ENER-G Rudox, as part of ENER-G Cogen International, designs, develops, operates and finances energy efficient and renewable solutions on a business-to-business basis globally. Business development partnerships have been formed to develop projects in the fields of healthcare, government, education and commercial.

With over 60+ years of experience in the US energy space and over 4000+ world-wide installs, ENER-G Rudox is focused on delivering the world’s best cogeneration, energy efficiency, and backup power generation solutions to the US market and is committed to making those solutions accessible to all by offering a wide-range of funding options.

Our unique combination of in-house technology and services means we are the single point of contact for any business looking to implement any cogeneration system, backup power solution, and/or associated technology. In addition, our financial capabilities allow us to offer a wide-range of alternatives to our customers.

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