A Combined Heat and Power system from ENER-G can ensure that demand for heat and electricity need never be a concern, whilst saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

Managing and reducing energy usage is the most sustainable way to deal with rising energy costs.  With a strategic approach to energy management, manufacturers can mitigate rising energy prices, manage risk and respond to increasing legislative pressures.

Manufacturers are large consumers of energy, making energy costs a large proportion of overheads. An ENER-G CHP system offers an efficient, clean and effective way to generate power and heat. ENER-G can meet your power demands whilst converting steam into hot water, cool water, hot air or cold air for your manufacturing processes or storage facilities.

CHP technology enables your manufacturing facility to generate its own electricity, radically reducing carbon emissions. This method is highly energy efficient (85 per cent) as it recovers heat created in the electricity generation process and avoids transmission losses because the energy is used locally.

The feasibility of installing CHP highly depends on heat demand throughout the year - considering both peak and base load requirements.  A CHP's electrical efficiency usually increases with size and often leading to bigger monetary savings over time. The payback is typically between 3 and 5 years relative to the size and usage of the unit.

ENER-G Combined Power has been powering the manufacturing industry for over 30 years worldwide. With experience spanning across pharmaceutical, food and beverage manufacturing, ENER-G offer proven technology and reliable service.

With over 40 qualified and experienced engineers across the country, ENER-G offers 24 hour maintenance and service calls to all customers and can ensure the best standards of service. Fully security checked and Gas Safe trained, the team of engineers have vast experience spanning defence and high security sectors such as royal households, prisons (England and Scotland), blue-chip pharmaceuticals and aerospace defence. With ENER-G you can be safe in the knowledge that there is always professional help at hand.

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