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A Combined Heat and Power system from ENER-G, is well suited to the leisure sector and can provide reliable and assured power, whilst cutting carbon, reducing energy usage and saving money.

CHP technology enables your leisure centre to generate its own electricity, radically reducing carbon emissions. This method is highly energy efficient (85 per cent) as it recovers heat created in the electricity generation process and avoids transmission losses because the energy is used locally. Typical payback period on CHP technology varies between two to four years.

Other benefits of CHP in the leisure sector include greater financial savings over conventional energy supply, avoidance of the climate change levy, primary savings delivering lower energy bills, higher efficiency offers reduced greenhouse gas emissions offsetting the impact of the Carbon Reduction Commitment, greater security of supply and plentiful hot water, flexible procurement options, VAT savings and possible grant funding.

It's important to consider the long term energy plan for the building, whilst considering a CHP unit. CHP units are sized based upon the buildings current electrical and thermal base-load demands meaning future energy based upgrades (i.e. improved lighting, pool covers, more efficient pumps, etc.) will naturally reduce the buildings electrical and thermal base-loads. These types of energy based improvements must be considered when undertaking a CHP feasibility study, to ensure that the CHP is future proofed.

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