A Combined Heat and Power system from ENER-G, is well suited to industrial Horticulture and can provide reliable and assured power, whilst cutting carbon, reducing energy usage and saving money.

CHP is ideal for horticultural companies who are looking to improve operating efficiencies and save money by reducing their carbon footprint using the energy generated in a more sustainable way. 

Combined heat and power (CHP) - the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat - is almost twice as efficient as conventional power generation as the majority of heat is recovered and used on site, rather than wasted into the atmosphere. Typical payback period on CHP technology varies between two to four years.

CHP is a cost-effective means of generating renewable energy. Powered by natural gas or biogas, an ENER-G CHP system can not only generate power for greenhouses and alike, but the waste heat from the engine can be harnessed and used to meet thermal requirements.  Your fuel efficiency rate will increase by utilising energy is a more efficient way. For example, electrical load can be used for lighting whilst thermal load can be used in climate control to boost crops and CO2 for fertiliser. Any excess energy can be fed back into the grid to benefit your local community.

Not only do we offer the security of heat and electricity supply with the installation of ENER-G CHP systems but we also offer the number one CHP maintenance package in the industry, covering both service and repairs.

In your pursuit of efficiency it is important to consider your long term energy plan whilst considering and sizing a CHP unit. CHP units are sized based on the current electrical and thermal base-load demands meaning future energy based upgrades (i.e. improved lighting, additional crops, more efficient pumps, etc.) will naturally increase the buildings electrical and thermal base-loads. These types of energy based improvements must be considered when undertaking a CHP feasibility study, to ensure that the CHP is future proofed.

Whatever the energy needs of your facilities, we can provide you with a tailored energy solution.

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