District Heating

A Combined Heat and Power system from ENER-G, can provide heat and power to multiple customers in a district heating network whilst cutting carbon, reducing energy usage and saving money.

A district heating scheme enables the transport of heat to a range of end users through an efficient network of insulated pipes. Distribution networks can provide heat across cities, towns and villages, industrial or residential with a high demand for heating services.

Combined heat and power (CHP) is the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat and is almost twice as efficient as conventional power generation as the majority of heat is recovered. The heat is distributed through a heat network, rather than wasted into the atmosphere. Typical payback period on CHP technology varies between two to four years.

CHP technology enables valuable energy to be harnessed and delivered to multiple points of use which is often more efficient than energy production in numerous smaller generators. Other benefits of CHP in district heating includes greater financial savings over conventional energy supply, avoidance of the climate change levy, primary savings delivering lower energy bills, higher efficiency offers reduced greenhouse gas emissions offsetting the impact of the Carbon Reduction Commitment, greater security of supply and plentiful hot water, flexible procurement options, VAT savings and possible grant funding.

ENER-G's CHP technology enables the reliable generation and supply of heat with guaranteed continuity of service. Not only do we offer the security of heat and electricity supply with the installation of ENER-G CHP systems, but we also offer the number one CHP maintenance package in the industry, covering both service and repairs.

Our flexible finance options can be specifically tailored to the individual requirements of each of our customers, regardless of the project size, cost or complexity. For example, by choosing our Discount Energy Purchase (DEP) finance scheme you can expect immediate payback and savings. We have an outstanding reputation for being the market leader in offering real added value financial solutions.

With over 40 qualified and experienced engineers across the country, ENER-G offers 24 hour maintenance and service calls to all customers and can ensure the best standards of service. Fully security checked and Gas Safe trained, the team of engineers have vast experience spanning defence and high security sectors such as royal households, prisons (England and Scotland), blue-chip pharmaceuticals and aerospace defence. With ENER-G you can be safe in the knowledge that there is always professional help at hand.

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