ENER-G’s Cogen Partners

ENER-G’s Cogen Partners deliver the UK's most successful small-scale CHP solutions to customers across the world. Our cogen partners provide a wealth of experience and a detailed knowledge of the energy market within the country in which they are based.

ENER-G's Cogen Partners

All our Cogen Partners are independent companies but each has chosen to work with ENER-G in order to provide their customers with a high quality cogeneration solution backed up by over 900,000 hours of operational experience. Our carefully chosen Cogen Partners are all well established and experienced businesses with many customers. They have a proven track record in delivering CHP solutions and many also have experience of offering other energy efficient technologies.

Cogen Partner services include:

  • installation
  • operation and
  • maintenance of CHP systems

Finance options offered by ENER-G are also available through Cogen Partners, like the Discount Energy Purchase (DEP) scheme, which offers the benefit of CHP solutions without capital outlay. The full range of ENER-G CHP units (natural gas, biogas, diesel and biodiesel) are available through the Cogen Partners worldwide.


1. Republic of Ireland

Temp Technology is the leading supplier of combined heat and power (CHP) technology in Ireland with an active involvement since 1991. Temp Technology is responsible for the complete turnkey management of CHP and BEMS projects, from design through to commissioning and after sales service and was responsible for the installation of the first small-scale CHP plants in Ireland in the Burlington and Berkeley Court Hotels. 

Temp Technology has continued to develop the market for CHP within both the commercial and industrial sectors and will have installed over 130 CHP units by the end of 2010. Their client portfolio includes the Jury's Inn and Hotel in the IFSC and Cork, the Office of Public Works (Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Leinster House, Garda Headquarters) and HSE (St. Mary's Hospital & Naas General Hospital). Temp Technology has an established service centre in both Dublin and Limerick with fully trained and experienced service engineers throughout Ireland.



2. Australia

Simons Green Energy - The Simons group are leaders in clean and efficient water heating and cooling, steam and distributed energy equipment in Australia. They provide solutions to our customers' needs with outstanding products, technology and service quality which makes a meaningful contribution to improving the planet and our customers bottom lines.



3. Canada

Headquartered in Calgary, Nexus Power Solutions is committed to being Canada’s pre-eminent company dedicated to the deployment of state-of-the-art CHP and CCHP (combined cooling, heat, and power) systems for commercial buildings. Nexus Power Solutions is primarily focused on systems below 1MW for both new buildings as well as retrofits into existing buildings.

Nexus is able to provide a comprehensive turnkey service, including funded options, from initial feasibility study, through to installation and commissioning, followed by ongoing operation and maintenance for the lifetime of the system. Today, and in the future, Nexus Power Solutions will continue to advance the 3 E’S of sustainability: Economy, Environment, Efficiency.



 4. Japan

Cornes Biogas - The Cornes business was founded in Yokohama more than one-and-a-half centuries ago on 1st April 1861 in the closing years of Japan’s Edo period by Frederick Cornes and his partner, William Aspinall. Initially trading in silk and tea, the business quickly expanded to include the import of cotton, metals, consumer goods, coal and other raw materials.

Always on the look-out for new opportunities, Cornes has in recent years become Japan’s leading biogas plant construction company. Whatever the field of endeavour, Cornes strives unceasingly to deliver the highest level of quality and service to its customers and takes pride in being a bridge for ideas and innovation from the rest of the world to Japan.



5. Turkey

PNQ (Power & Quality) – PNQ is a part of an international group of companies. PNQ Headquarters is based in Istanbul and regional offices within Turkey. They have strong service and aftersales capabilities to serve the best to customers. PNQ expert teams are ready to give all support you need to meet your power requirement. Team is experienced on engineering, solutions, sales and aftersales on power sector for over 30 years and they are now ready to provide individual solutions to each of our speciall customers across Turkey. 



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