Cogeneration from ENER-G

Since 1980 ENER-G have undertaken all aspects of its Cogeneration (CHP) project in-house. From the initial design stage to long term care of the installation.

ENER-G - what makes us number one

  • Our unique combination of in house technology and services means we are a single port of call for any business looking to implement CHP technology
  • We are able to offer the best financial, operational and environmental benefits
  • We are world leaders in the field of delivering sustainable and energy efficient technologies with a wealth of experience and a proven track record
  • Our financial stability offers you long-term security
  • Continual Research & Development means we can offer the very latest technology in the industry.

Sales and Engineering:

Our in house CHP sales and application engineers are on hand to assess each individual site to identify project viability. From initial feasibility studies to comprehensive site surveys they are able to expertly identify what is required for each specific site and to recommend a system that will meet its needs.


Our in house design team use state of the art CAD technology to identify the logistic of implementing the Cogeneration scheme onsite. The team prepares detailed design drawings identifying site interfacing and plant room access considerations before the project is taken to site. Careful thought given at this stage can significantly reduce the cost of installation and substantially increase the savings made during the lifetime of the scheme. The Cogeneration department consists of building service engineers and specialists from the field of power generation.


At our Manchester based head office we have a 12,000 m2 production centre in which all ENER-G technology is manufactured to the highest standards. Using our state of the art test cell, we can rigorously examine the performance of all CHP units prior to site delivery, ensuring our clients receive a system that has already been pre commissioned.

Project Management:

Our engineers work with the client, their architects and the M & E contractors to provide detailed information and specifications that will ensure that the CHP system is fully integrated with the building systems.

A senior engineer is appointed to each project, with the responsibility of producing and then implementing a detailed package of information, typically consisting of:

  • Project specific scope of works, design and specification for the works.
  • Programme of works (if required)
  • CDM paperwork
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals


Upon completion of the installation, the project manager will arrange for the system to under go 'Pre-commissioning' and 'Final Commissioning' in conjunction with the relevant Distribution Network Operator (DNO)


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