Why choose ENER-G?

Whatever energy requirement or challenge your organisation faces, we have the skills, experience, technology and the resources to deliver an energy efficient and sustainable solution for you.

Key benefits of working with us:

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Reduce carbon emissions

The issue of carbon reduction remains high on government agendas and, as energy prices continue rising, the need to manage your carbon footprint and control energy costs has never been more vital.

With many years' experience, our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to identifying opportunities and delivering efficient solutions to reduce your energy consumption, carbon emissions, as well as your energy costs.

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Improve Building Efficiency

We provide proven and viable energy saving solutions that optimise building and energy performance and achieve sustainable reductions in maintenance, carbon and cost.

Our team of experienced energy consultants, CIBSE qualified engineers and Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) accredited specialists, work closely with you to fully understand your energy needs.

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Cut energy costs

We are committed to helping you understand, as well as manage, your energy consumption, so that you can realise the maximum benefits of reduced energy costs as quickly as possible.

With many years' experience, our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to understanding your business and its issues and goals.  We work with you to identify opportunities and deliver solutions to reduce your energy consumption and your energy costs.

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Meet environmental obligations

The wisdom of reducing carbon dependency to boost environmental performance is universally accepted. The best route to achieving this goal is not so obvious.

ENER-G helps you understand the environmental legislative requirements of your organisation and develop your own carbon reduction agenda.

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Improve with no upfront investment

Our sustainable, low carbon technology solutions are available to you, even if you don't have the capital to invest.

Our innovative range of finance options, includes:

  • capital purchase
  • discount energy purchase
  • enhanced discount energy purchase
  • energy service performance contracting
  • project funding and flexible finance
  • partnership funding
  • rental agreements.

By carefully matching the specific requirements of your project with our flexible financial approach, we provide you with real and demonstrable value for money, while you leave the investment risk with us.

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Expertise and experience

We employ approximately 350 people worldwide. With a presence in 11 countries, we also have a network of strategic global partners.

With more than 30 years' experience in applying our proven sustainable energy solutions across multiple sectors and industries on a global basis, we can clearly demonstrate our:

  • highly skilled workforce
  • technical know-how
  • industry pedigree
  • efficient, robust and leading edge technologies
  • successful track record of power generation, carbon and cost savings.
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Customer-focused solutions

Our approach focuses on listening carefully to your issues and carrying out detailed research into your operations to identify areas where our products and services can help.  

Our services include feasibility studies, design, procurement, installation, commissioning, financing, maintenance and monitoring.