• Financed CHP solutions

    Our CHP units are proven to reduce your carbon emissions & costs for a sustainable future.

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  • Our BEMS delivers sustainable savings

    E-MAGINE - our latest building energy management system - will improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC systems with a fast ROI.

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  • Innovative metering & billing for multi-tenant properties

    From installing and servicing energy centres to delivering metering and billing services - we offer a complete solution.

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  • Independent energy procurement specialists

    Outsource your energy procurement needs and save time, resource and money.

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  • Independent energy, carbon & water consultancy

    We will identify opportunities and deliver solutions to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and costs.

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  • Power and heat generation from biogas

    With our CHP technology, we produce sustainable energy from landfill, digester and mines gases worldwide.

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About ENER-G

ENER-G provides organisations across the globe with energy management services, sustainable technologies and renewable energy solutions, to help them intelligently generate, buy and manage energy.

We aim to help our customers reduce their energy consumption, carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency, with the ultimate goal of cutting costs and meeting environmental obligations.

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  • What's new?

    Energy cost savings 300x120
    ENER-G Switch2 launch the G6

    A revolutionary, wireless, pay-as-you-go meter payment system. An evolution in data collection and pay-as-you-go systems, the G6 has been developed with the future in mind.

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  • What's new?

    Education pupils 300x120
    ENER-G Schools National Energy Management Survey

    ENER-G is inviting schools to take part in the survey, to help them benchmark their energy performance and identify opportunities to reduce energy bills and cut carbon footprint.

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  • What's new?

    Energy basket purchasing 300x120
    New ENER-G Collective products

    Collective purchasing allows individual business of any size to combine their energy volumes and take advantage of the benefits of flexible purchasing.

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  • What's new?

    Home controls 300x120
    Smart home controls

    ENER-G's home controls intelligently control heating, cooling and lighting in high-end residential homes.

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